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Salvation Army programs in Kerrville include: assistance with food, clothing, rent, utilities, prescriptions and emergency dental; holiday food and the Angel Tree Program; transient services at the Red Shield Lodge, Soup Kitchen, and Reconnect Recovery Program; first responder Disaster Relief; and after-school and camp programming for youth through The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club.

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Financial Assistance Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00am-12:00pm

Forrest: A Reconnect Success

Forrest started using and abusing when he was 15 years old; and when he was 21 and legal to drink, his drinking increased.  He held a construction job for years in California, but his disease got worse. And his relationship with his parents in Texas was dysfunctional.

“I was addicted to any and all mind-altering substances and to alcohol. My thinking pattern was if a little is good, a lot is a lot better,” Forrest said. “Finally I was beaten down.”

“I bought into the [Reconnect] program and got the God part of it that co-exists with the 12-steps. I’ve been sober more than nine months. It’s God, or a higher power, not me,” Forrest said. “My mother was afraid for my life and I was about to go to prison. She can’t thank the Salvation Army enough. We were estranged and now we’ve reconnected.”


A trained Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services volunteer provides food for a family in Victoria, Texas after the recent landfall of Hurricane Harvey.

Almost seven months ago Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Texas coast and dramatically changed the lives for thousands of families.  Harvey impacted families regardless of religious affiliation, ethnicity, or economic status.

Through the support of the community, The Salvation Army of Kerrville was able to staff teams to deploy to volunteer on the Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) team to help those in need.  For approximately two months, Salvation Army of Kerrville EDS teams were deployed to Victoria, Houston, Beaumont/Orange, and Dallas/Fort Worth.  Teams were tasked with feeding, distributing comfort care kits or clean up kits, organizing distribution centers, and/or being a part of an Incident Management Team.

In the immediate aftermath, and since Hurricane Harvey, individuals have expressed the desire to join the Emergency Disaster Services team and/or to be trained.  Individuals who are interested in becoming part of The Salvation Army Disaster Services Team can contact (830) 315-5762 or check out www.disaster.salvationarmyusa.org for more information.