Meet Your Corps Officers

Captain David Swyers & Captain Beth Swyers

Meet Captains David and Beth Swyers. They are the pastors and administrators of all the operations of The Salvation Army in Kerr County. They have been serving, along with their family, in Kerr County since the Summer of 2017. The Captains are both ordained ministers and shepherd of the church (Corps) located inside The Salvation Army Kroc Center.

We are so excited to remain in Texas, and be assigned to the Kroc Center, located in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country. We have been so warmly welcomed by this wonderful community in the short time we’ve been here.

Upon arrival, we were in awe of the beautiful Kroc Center. It is remarkable to see the thousands of people who enter this amazing facility, participating in fitness, swimming, music and all sorts of classes. We are seeing transformations.

In our Corps,, we are seeing growth on a regular basis, from regular Sunday attendance, to our weekly Bible studies. We are seeing transformations.

Through our Social Services outreach we are helping individuals struggling to overcome an addiction, those who are homeless and Hurricane Harvey victims. We are seeing transformations.

As we enter the New Year, we are excited. We are excited for what the Lord has planned for us. We are excited for the many ways we can help those in need. We are excited to see how people will be transformed in 2018. The Salvation Army and the Kroc Center are here to help transform lives. For this reason, we are excited.

Many enter the New Year with resolutions, which unfortunately do not make it past the end of February. Whether its learning how to swim, spending more time in the Word, giving back to those in need, or getting rid of an addiction – let us be a part of your transformation.

Through the Ray and Joan Kroc Center, we are blessed to see individuals and families be welcomed and form friendships with people they’d normally never meet. We are blessed as we get to see all of your transformations – from losing weight, recovering form addictions, meeting new fitness goals honing your musical skills, swimming like a fish,m gaining more spiritual knowledge – the list goes on. We, too, are being transformed as we experience these successes with you.

It is our honor to service beside each of you – and we are truly grateful for the opportunity.

Captains David and Beth Swyers