LeeAnn Mitchell Aldridge is a 25-year veteran music teacher. She has experience at all
levels of music teaching including elementary, secondary, and college-level. LeeAnn’s
Master of Music degree is from Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas;
the Bachelor of Music degree from East Texas State University, Commerce, Texas; the
Associate of Fine Arts degree is from Kilgore College, Kilgore, Texas; . She also
completed the Texas K-12 All-Level Music Teacher Certification from SWTSU in San
Marcos. Having taught in both public and private school settings in San Antonio,
LeeAnn now has turned her attention back to private teaching, which she started while
still in high school.

Mrs. Aldridge is a native of Quitman, Texas and a life-long Baptist church pianist. She
began singing with her family in church at the age of three and began playing piano at
age five. She and her husband Mike were also part of the Al Sturchio Orchestra in San
Antonio for ten wonderful years where she was the vocalist and Mike played trumpet.
She and her husband are also veterans of the United States Air Force, where they met
while serving in the USAF Band of the West, Lackland AFB, Texas. She is the mom of
9-yr old Tucker, and the family has two dogs and one cat.

Terrence Tyson

I started playing percussion back in 2008 and guitar in 2012. Throughout the years I have also acquired skills in most string, brass, and woodwind instruments. While fulfilling the Lords work, I received the opportunity to travel to Mexico and France, playing music with The Salvation Army Divisional Band. Amongst the bands in the division, I have been selected to play in the top youth band the past 5 years for percussion; I now play for the top adult band. For church however, guitar has been my focus point, leading the congregation in Praise and Worship over the last couple of years. I have dedicated my time to sharing my talents with others, because I believe music can be an outlet for youth.

Jessie Putnam

For as long as I can remember, I have been a singer. I’ve never had a backup plan. I grew up in Kerrville, Texas and when I graduated from high school, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional singer at Berklee College of Music. I began to write songs and performing as much as possible. In 2017, I received my Bachelor of Music degree in Vocal Performance.

​After graduation, I began teaching private voice lessons at the Real School of Music and performing around Boston. I love helping people find their voice and sharing my experiences.

This year, I released my first self-titled EP, Jessie Wren. It means everything to me, and I’m over the moon that it is now out in the world. Singing has always given me an outlet, knowing that it’s okay to be different, living and breathing through my music. It is my goal during voice lessons to help you foster a love and appreciation of singing and of music.

Voice, Piano, Guitar and Drums
Scheduled at instructor/students convenience (Contact (830) 315-5762)
  • 30-45 Minute Lesson Rates
    • 1 – $25/$35
$35/$45  (14 weeks of music lessons for $2.50/$3.60 a week!)
Starting in September 14, 2020
Group Piano:  Tuesdays
Group Drums:  Mondays (Beginner) and Tuesdays (Intermediate)
Group Guitar:  Mondays (Beginner) and Tuesdays (Intermediate)
  • 30 minute lessons in Piano, Guitar and Drums with professional instructors