AB Attack Intermediate-Advanced
Attack your ab muscles through high-intensity, isolation exercises.

Abs w/Glutes Beginner-Intermediate
This class will strengthen, firm up and shape your core like no other!

Barre Beginner-Advanced
Combines elements of Pilates, yoga, ballet, and weight training into a full-body workout. Using the ballet bar, light dumbells, stability balls, resistance bands, bodyweight, and isometrics, you’ll strengthen the long, streamlined arm and leg muscles of a dancer, burn fat, flatten your abs and improve your core, stability and balance.

Bootcamp Intermediate-Advanced
Move through a challenging circuit-training obstacle course that provides a total-body, compete workout.

Cardio Kickboxing Intermediate-Advanced
A cardiovascular workout with a mixture of boxing, martial arts and aerobics.

Gentle FUNctional Strength Beginner
Improve muscular strength, toning & stamina while building a foundation of cardio endurance, basic everyday movement skills, balance and flexibility.

Sculpt Beginner-Intermediate
Full-body, strengthening & toning class is designed to sculpt long, lean, cut muscles without adding bulk or mass. Weights, cardio & abs.

TRX Suspension Training/TRX-tra  Beginner-Advanced
Suspension trainer leverages bodyweight through hundreds of functional exercises that build strength, balance, flexibility, explosiveness and joint mobility.  TRX-tra involves a hybrid of traditional TRX moves with bootcamp, HITT & Tabata-style exercises that increase intensity and elevate fitness even further.

Indoor Cycling
Put the pedals to the metal in this fast-paced workout on a stationary bike. Climb, sprint, interval and more to incredible music with extraordinary instruction! Get an amazing workout while burning a ton of calories.

Chair Yoga
Everything is done from the support of chair. Gentle yoga, stretching and relaxation techniques that will lengthen your muscles, strengthen your core, and provide a relaxing “re-set” to your day.

For all levels of yoga students. No prior knowledge of yoga is necessary. Reduce stress, increase strength & flexibility, improve balance and focus, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Stretching 101
This relaxing and restorative class involves deep, relaxing breathing, combined with deep stretching. Props may be used to facilitate a deeper stretch.

Zumba® Beginner-Advanced
A mix of freestyle and hip-hop, Latin/salsa dance moves. Tone and sculpt every part of your body.

Community ZUMBA® Events

Sunday Funday!
Sunday, March 17, 2-4 pm

Bring in bags of individually wrapped candy to help fill our 20,000+ Easter Eggs for our Easter Eggstravaganza

Cinco de Mayo Zumbathon
Thursday, May 2, 5:30-7:30pm

Wear festive attire and bring in non-perishable items to help stock our Emergency Food Pantry

Quicksilver Beginner
Balance, Strength & Fall Prevention for Seniors: Learn how to stabilize and balance while using full-body strength, core strength and proprioception training techniques.

Operation P.L.A.Y – Temporarily Postponed
Want something for your kids to do while you work out?  Sign up for a Family Membership and let them join Operation P.L.A.Y.

Your kids will join our certified fitness staff for fun, yet energetic workouts to help them stay healthy.  Workouts include:  active games, wild challenges and crazy competitions.

Days & Times:  Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30-6:30pm
Ages:  7-12 years old

*Join your kids for Operation Family P.L.A.Y!

Day & Time:  Fridays, 5:30-6:30pm
Ages:  5-17 years old with parent or guardian

Meet our Group Exercise Instructors

We have a variety of certified instructors ready for you to join their classes.  Check out our Class Schedule.


See the fitness staff or the Kroc Center front desk for more details.

  • COUCH to 5K

    Information coming soon!

Need your own personal trainer?

Contact one of ours! The Salvation Army Kerrville Kroc Center utilizes the best local independent trainers They will be able to work with you one-on-one to help you set and achieve your fitness goals. Why wait? Call today!


    Learn more about our Fitness Center and Group Exercise rules and other Member Policies.


    We are now renting lockers for $12/month. Day-use lockers are still available at no cost. See front desk for details.

Kroc Center Training Services

  • Detailed Equipment Orientation

    Learn how to use fitness equipment/machines safely! Learn what each machine does, how to adjust it to your specific needs, and how to use proper, safe form. A certified trainer will also help answer any questions and determine what may be safe or unsafe for you.

    Members: $20. Non-Member guests: $50

  • Let’s Get Started

    Start your initial fitness program off on the right foot!. Receive the 30-minute Fitness Assessment, a fitness program customized to your specific needs, abilities, limitations and goals, and four 30-minute workout sessions with your trainer.

    Requires Advance Payment. Members only: $150


    FREE  1-hour Fitness Assessment & Session with a Certified Personal Trainer …for all new Annual Members. See the Front Desk for more information

  • Fit-4-Life

    A free year-long program focusing on four areas of wellness:  Physical, Spiritual, Mental & Helping Others.

    Applications for upcoming cycles are available at the Kroc Center Welcome Desk.  Applications for May-August are due by April 1.

    Contact Lance Wilke, Fitness & Wellness Coordinator, (830) 315-5764 for more information.